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Welcome to Instant cash

INSTANT CASH GLOBAL MONEY TRANSFER (popularly known as INSTANT CASH) is one of the fastest growing money transfer companies in the world. Our Head Office in the UAE is supported by local offices in the Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines.

We understand the hard work that you put into making your loved ones lives easier and better. INSTANT CASH is committed to offering you the most competitive rates in the market when you send money home to your family.

You may be receiving money into your account from your loved one every month or sending money to a friend who needs to pick up cash immediately – INSTANT CASH GLOBAL MONEY TRANSFER has a solution for all these financial needs and more!

With a network spanning over 70+ countries and 150,000+ agent locations worldwide, an INSTANT CASH Global Money Transfer location is always within reach. When you choose us, you choose a money transfer service that is secure, convenient and competitive. We can proudly say that, over the years, we have made a positive impact on thousands of lives with our quick, easy and world class service. Our competitive pricing ensures that when you transfer money internationally, your family receives the maximum possible money!

Call us on +971 4 2990011 for any queries. Our toll free is 8004571

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