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Products & Services

Our products and services have been carefully designed to offer you several benefits.

Bank deposits

Most popularly known as Account transfer to bank. Sender can send money directly into beneficiary’s bank account. We offer this convenient service across a host of countries.

Cash pickups

One of the most preferred and simple ways to receive money internationally via Cash Payout. The sender can visit the nearest money exchange and provide cash with the details of the beneficiary. The sender will receive an ICTC code which needs to be provided to the beneficiary. The beneficiary can visit one of the many payout locations with the ICTC and a valid ID. This gives an option to receive the money without the compulsion of having a bank account.

Mobile Wallet

For maximum efficiency, our technology has integrated this smart payment method that’s rapidly becoming popular. Currently available in selected countries, you can transfer funds to a recipient’s mobile wallet. The beneficiary will receive an SMS confirmation once the funds have been transferred and money can be withdrawn from an ATM or funds can used to pay bills and buy goods and service.

Doorstep delivery

This is the most convenient way to receive funds and one sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones! After you transfer the funds, our local dispatcher will deliver the cash to a stipulated physical address of your beneficiary who saves time and avoids the hassle of commuting.

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