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What is Instant Cash?

It is a global money transfer service available across many countries. It allows you to send money almost instantaneously to any of our numerous locations worldwide.

Does Instant Cash mean only Cash or can I get a Bank transfer?

Instant Cash allows you to send cash and receive cash , as a means of transfer. Besides this you can transfer money to your Bank A/c also.

Where all can I send money?

Please click here to find out which countries you can send money to through Instant Cash.

What is the limit to the amount I can send through Instant Cash?

The transfer limit depends on the destination country and its regulations. To view the limit regarding money transfer click here.

What are the charges?

Charges are dependent on the country from which it is being sent. The charges are amongst the lowest in the category making our service the most competitive yet reliable.

How do I send money?

Simply visit your nearest Instant Cash agent and fill out the form at the counter. The attendant of the agency would guide you through the easy procedure

I already use another money transfer service, why would I want to change?

What differentiates Instant Cash from other service providers is the competitive charges accompanied by the best service. Money is transferred almost immediately even small amounts can be sent cost effectively. There is no charge at the receiving end so your loved ones can just go to the respective agent and collect the money.

How safe is the service?

The transfers are very safe as Instant Cash uses state-of-art technology like the IBM AS/400 520i series server, 128 bit encryption, VPN and a 4 level security system.

How fast is it?

All transfers happen instantaneously i.e. your money payment instruction reach as the paying agency within seconds and can be collected there and then.

What if I want to send only small amount, is it worth sending?

Our charges are so reasonable that you won't even mind sending small amounts.

Will you give Cash or Cheque at the receivers end?

This depends on the amount being paid out. If the amount is relatively large then Cheque is probably a more preferable form of payment, but the receiver can also be given cash if advised by the sender (may include a small cash handling charge).

Can I also receive money from the same agent I send from?

Yes, the same agent can send and receive your payments.

How do I know whether the money has reached?

Our customer service agent informs you as soon as your payment is executed at the other end. This is available as the service has real-time reporting system for the customer service center. You receive a SMS when the transaction has been paid out. However, you can also contact our customer service team. You can also check the status of your remittances online as well.

How does my beneficiary know where to pick up the money?

This information can be given to the beneficiary yourself, additionally the center which receives the payment instructions calls your beneficiary to collect the payment from them.

Will I receive a legal receipt at the branch for sending or receiving money?

Yes, all transactions are recorded, by providing signed and stamped receipts from the agent.

Am I insured against fraud incase the money is collected by an imposter? How do you prevent such incidents?

Yes you are! Incase of any fraud that has been perpetuated without your knowledge, it would be deemed as an internal matter and would not affect your transaction.

What other benefits do I get for sending money through Instant Cash?

There are different payment options available for the respective countries. For example when sending money to India you can have it sent either to your bank account. Alternatively the money can be collected over the counter from any of our agents.

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