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Send Money to Bangladesh

Ease and efficiency are our hallmark strengths in Bangladesh and sending money to Bangladesh has never been easier. Our network spread across an extensive 107,627 locations across Bangladesh ensures our customers don’t have to travel miles and spend a lot of time commuting to pick up their funds.

That’s not all – our transfer charges are highly competitive and only AED 15 will make your family’s eyes light up when they receive money at home.

The different modes of receiving money:

Cash pick up


  • Convenience doesn’t get better than this with almost 100,000 exclusive locations for your loved ones to pick up cash.
  • Enjoy the benefits of instant transfer that give you and your loved ones peace of mind.
  • Cash pickup is available at all major agents and banks.
  • Safe and secure transfers means there’s nothing to worry about.
Bank Account deposits


  • Transfer money in minutes to your bank account or that of your beneficiary.
  • You can easily receive funds over the counter at your bank’s nearest branch.
  • Withdraw money from ATMs or use at swipe your card at stores when you purchase goods or services.
Mobile Wallet transfers


Keep it simple and smooth by sending funds directly to a mobile wallet.

  • You family or beneficiary can withdraw money from bank branches, the ATM or any of the mobile service franchises.
  • The mobile wallet can also be used to purchase goods online or pay for utility and other bills.

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