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Send Money to India

At Instant Cash, we don’t let wide territories or a huge geographical expanse get in the way of our efficient and timely transactions! Our customers can enjoy the ease of sending funds to all over India with as little as AED 15.

Whether you want to transfer to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai or Chennai, we’ve got it covered in all significant states and territories across India’s North, South, East, and West.

The different modes of receiving money:

Cash Pick Up


  • Because we make convenience a priority, your loved ones can receive funds in your home state or when they travel throughout India thanks to our wide network of nearly 33,416 cash pickup locations.
  • Funds are received instantly at all major money transfer agents and banks.
  • All our transactions come guaranteed security and assurance.
Bank Account deposits


  • Thanks to our innovative transfer system, your loved ones can receive funds in their bank account within minutes.
  • Funds can also be withdrawn over the counter at the nearest branch.
  • You can use any ATMs to withdraw money ATM or swipe the card for normal purchase transactions.

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