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Receive Money


Once transferred, your beneficiary can easily collect the funds. They can go to any conveniently located money exchange or INSTANT CASH agent location and receive their funds through:-


At the counter, the recipient needs to simply provide a valid ID and the 9-digit ICTC number to receive the funds. It’s really that simple! Click here to view a list of countries where this service is available.

Bank deposits

This is a fairly straightforward method where you can arrange for the funds to be sent directly to your receiver’s bank account. It’s faster than an ordinary bank transfer without the excessive bank transfer fees leading to more savings for you and your family!

Mobile wallet

For maximum efficiency, our technology has integrated this smart payment method that’s rapidly becoming popular. Currently available in selected countries, you can transfer funds to a recipient’s mobile wallet. The beneficiary will receive an SMS confirmation once the funds have been transferred and money can be withdrawn from an ATM or funds can used to pay bills and buy goods and service.

Home delivery

When it comes to convenience, there’s no topping home deliveries! You can send funds simply by having the cash delivered to a physical location. Not only is this safe but it cuts down on commuting time for your recipient and makes their lives easier. How’s that for a win-win?

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*CONDITIONS APPLY*** Rates and charges may vary depending upon the bank you send to.

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